WW2 Airsoft

Looking at getting into the world of world war 2 airsoft? then you have come to the right place.

Airsoft is one of the most popular recreational sports in the United States, and its popularity is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

It combines the love of realistic guns and weaponry with the safe aspect of paintball.

There is also another niche in this fantastic sport, ww2 style airsoft. This combines the incredible sport but with a more vintage and strategic feel.

Throughout this article we are going to dive deep into exactly what this niche is all about, how you can get into it and even recommend you some of the best equipment and weapons to make ensure that you have the biggest advantage for when you jump in.

world war 2 airsoft

As you can already imagine, this game is a lot more different to traditional airsoft.

In the traditional game, you’re always using more modern weaponry with highly advanced ad-dons like scopes and even GPS’s to advance your game.

In ww2 airsoft, you’re using nothing but your one shot gun, and the limited number of items that you carry in your load out.

This type of game has a huge following throughout the US and even UK and has built up an enormous fan base due to the simplicity and adrenaline pumping time that can be had.

This is not a game for the faint hearted though, as the safety gear that is used throughout the battles is a little more primitive than the regular sport.

What is ww2 airsoft?

At its core, the game is very similar to regular airsoft, as it usually combines two teams playing a variety of games such as capture the flag, president and much more.

The main difference is that it takes on a representation of the types of battles, equipment and gear that would have used during world war 2.

This provides and extremely authentic style of battle as you are usually only using one shot pistols and rifles and are more geared up like someone during the war that using more advanced gear.

The game overall is a far more tactical effort and you’re not using weapons that can shoot at a high range or that can shoot multiple rounds of BB’s fast, meaning you will really need to use your skills and tactics to survive this.

Types Of WW2 Airsoft Games

To help make things clearer, WW2 airsoft games are divided into two types, Basic and Niche WW2 games. The main differentiating factor between the two is the rules governing the games, especially when it comes to the nature of the gear used.

Basic Games

These games are a great starting point for those airsoft players who are looking to participate in WW2 events for the first time.

This is mainly due to the fact that no one will expect you to spend a small fortune on WW2 gear.

The rules regarding the gear to be used in the games are quite relaxed.

For starters, participants can exercise their own freedom when it comes to choosing what to wear to the event; however, it is recommended that you avoid showing up in modern camouflage.

If you do not have a weapon used during the WW2 era, or a Woodstock rifle, it is recommended that you use hessian to wrap the one you intend to use.

It is however worth mentioning that, the more you do to fit in to the WW2 theme, the more you stand to enjoy the entire experience.

Niche Games

To participate in these games, you need to adhere to a set of highly specific rules.

The games are based on specific storylines and rules that give rise to highly realistic experiences.

Players can only use gear that is specific to the era the game is based on. This means getting the right uniforms and guns is, more or less, a must.

Furthermore, participants are required to work as part of a team.

Acting on your own is bound to attract glances of disapproval from other participants.

To reinforce this rule, lone survivors are not allowed to advance to the next level in niche games.

Now that you have a clear idea of what WW2 airsoft is, below you will find a comprehensive description of the gear and weapons you need to participate in these games and get the most out of each event.

WW2 aisoft loadout (what you will need)

If you’re rally looking at this game as an entry point into the sport, there are going to be a handful of things that you will need to start.

There is such a thing called a loud out, essentially all of the equipment you will be carrying with you when you enter a game.

This is one of the most crucial parts as because of its old style niche, you’re not going to have the advantage of GPS, walkie talkies or advanced weaponry at your disposal to give you an advantage.


This may be one of the most important, and slightly confusing parts for a lot of people.

Modern airsoft helmets are usually full face which provide 100% face protection, but we all know that these weren’t used back then.

While you may want to have the more authentic look, it can also pose a few dangers, as most helmets during this time were almost bowl like helmets, not proving much protection from incoming projectiles.

One thing you want to ensure is that it provides you with enough protection for you’re head regardless or not if you are wearing goggles or glasses.

If you are wanting more of the authentic feel, we recommend the Replica WW2 US M1 Helmet as it is one of the best replicas we have seen and provides enough protection for the top half of your head.

Tie this together with a replica vest to provide added protection, and you are going to be easily able to endure any hits that you may take.

Airgun Pellets

One thing you will always need to have on you is airgun pellets. Depending on what type of rifle or pistol you have, there are a wide variety of pellets and BB’s available

This is the last thing that you want to run out of so make sure that you have a big enough holster to hold them all.

You can find all of the pellets and BB’s for specific types of ww2 airsoft guns right here


Its no shock to anyone that this game can make you thirsty, especially if you’re out in the harsh summer conditions and breaking a sweat trying to defend yourself.

Having a canteen attached to you that is full of fresh clean water is something that is going to come in handy.

Having a high quality canteen cover covering it will not only keep it protected but allow it to be attached to your belt and backpack for easier carrying

ww2 canteen


The backpack is going to be a key component of your tactical load-out as its going to allow you to carry a large assortment of items you may need.

Now you cant just use a regular backpack though, you’ll need one that looks authentic and will be durable.

A pack that is made from high quality fabric and have advanced webbing is going to be ideal as it will be able to withstand harsh treatment and will provide a waterproof resistant build.

One of the best ones that we have seen to date is the M1928 HAVERSACK

With its strong make and almost on point color scheme, this will give you the look you need while ensuring that you have enough compartment to hold everything you have.

army backpack


Now depending on what side you are going to be fighting for, the US, German or any other nation, you will want an authentic outfit to really set of the realism.

There are a wide variety of outfits out there that provide the shirt, pants and even boots to complete the look.

While you could go onto eBay and pick up a replica uniform from there, you’re far better off getting a high quality one that is made from durable material that will not wear or stain.

During the matches you are going to be crouching, crawling and running through scrub, so you will want a uniform that can take the pressures you are going to be putting on it.

Here you can find a large selection of uniforms that are exact replicas of what were used during ww2.


Footwear is going to be of huge importance when taking on your next game, as you will be spending most of your time running, crouching and being on you feet.

The boots that were worn during the war are not easy to come by in the authentic sense but there are a range of options out there for you.

Picking something that will last and not wear out the soles is key, as you want them to last as long as you can.

Having high lace up boots is going to be your best option as they are some of the most comfortable but will provide the best traction and foot support of any other boot on the market.

This combat service boot is an excellent choice. although a bit pricey, they will literally last for years and provide the ultimate protection like no other.

combat service boot

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