Hi, I’m Freddie, and I started Fort Air Soft to bring my knowledge of the fantastic sport to the masses. I believe there is a great love for the sport among people but there is very little information on the internet about the ins and outs of the sport. This was something that needed to be addressed.

I have personally been involved in Airsoft for nearly a decade throughout my hometown of Garden City, NY, now and have taken art in hundreds of games. These matches have taken me all over the country from California all the way over to the East Coast. Over this time I have built up quite the knowledge base about the sport and I wanted to help anyone who may be looking to get into Airsoft, or anyone who is a seasoned pro looking for more tips and tricks to improve their game.

This site is the one stop portal for all the information, tips and even product reviews that you could ever want and will ensure that your next game of Airsoft, will be the best one yet.

If you would like to send me any questions you may have about the sport, you can contact me here.