Best Airsoft Shotguns – The Definitive Guide

airsoft shotgun with pellets

In the market for a new airsoft shotgun? One that will really up you’re game and help you become a seasoned pro?

This guide will show you exactly what the best ones on the market are and which one we recommend the most.

We will go over everything from

  • The most powerful
  • The most affordable
  • The best built and best looking design
  • What we believe to be the winner among them all

So if you want to go from a beginner to a pro in airsoft, then this guide is for you.

Lets get started!

The Best Airsoft Shotguns

CYMA Polymer M870

M870 airsoft shotgun

Our first one on the list is one of the most classics, and for good reason.

The M870 is an affordable option that packs a ton of features.

Sporting a tri-shot system which allows it to shoot 3 BB pellets with the single pull of a trigger.

This allows multiple sprays of the pellets over a long distance, making it much easier to hit a moving opponent.

This comes with a fairly high fps at 280 – 306 FPS, which is a monster for a shotgun.

This is a high powered spring design, but don’t let that deter you, this thing is incredibly quick to reload and provides enough power to hit even the fastest of moving targets.

In terms of accuracy, this is one of the best that you will find. Ive had no trouble hitting my targets even when they are moving at a distance.

The build of the M870 is fantastic

The outer design is made from aluminum and sold plastic and feels just like the real thing. You will not notice any weak points in this, meaning that it will last a long time before you encounter any issues.

For the lower price point, this is a great option for anyone wanting to try out how an airsoft shotgun works and feels while playing without breaking the budget, which is why we recommend it so much.

I personally love this design so much as its incredibly quick to reload and its one of the most authentic feeling choices out there. I would recommend this 100x over.

  • Very affordablenGood fps for the type of gunnSolid build qualitynShoots triple BB’s at oncenVery easy u0026 quick to reloadn
  • Not enough accessories to add

Fabarm STF12

pump action airsoft

If you’re after something with a little more bang for your buck, then this is the option for you.

With a fps of 300-310, this is one of the more powerful weapons out there, and it will really help you stand out from the other players.

Like the previous one we mentioned, the STF12 has a triple fire mechanism, which allows 3 BB’s to be shot at once, ensuring that you cover a greater range when trying to hit an opponent.

The reason why we like this one much though is because of the add-ons you can apply to it, they’re almost endless!

You can remove and upgrade the front and rear sight and comes with a built in hop up.

The top rail allows you to add everything from larger optical scopes, all the way through to a holder for your phone.

And did we mention that this is a pump action design, which makes the realism of using it even that much more sweet.

The colors don’t vary much on this particular weapon but I doubt that will put many people off as the design is one of the best out there.

The build quality of this is fantastic, and we never had any issues when using it.

This is one of the better airsoft shotguns out there and can really help you up your game for your next match.

  • Large range of add-onsnHigh fps at up to 310nTri shot mechanism nFantastic build qualitynPump action firing
  • For some may be a bit on the pricey side

Hwasan Double Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

double barrel airsoft shotgun

If its power you’re looking for, then have we got the right gun for you!

This is an absolute beast of an airsoft weapon, they do not come much more powerful than this.

The Hwasan green gas powered airsoft shotgun is one not to be trifled with, and you better hop someone on the opposing team doesn’t have one.

Like we said, this is a green gas powered product, so it has far more grunt than the spring powered options, and has a fps range of 420 fps.

That is a ton of power packed into such a small design, but it benefits you greatly.

As you can imagine, this fires two rounds of BB’s with the single pull of a trigger, meaning you can cover a large area , making it ideal for opponents who are on the move.

Due to the compact design, this can easily be carried on a belt with a holder, or even in the side of a backpack, allowing you to carry multiple weapons.

The design and build of this are fantastic to, with a solid wood grain handle and metal barrels and components, this one one of the best designed and crafted products out there.

If you’re looking for an option that is a little out of the ordinary but will make you stand out, this is the option that you will want to pick up.

Ive had this weapon in my tactical loadout for quite sometime not and I can say with out a doubt that its one of the finest airsoft guns you can play with, so we would highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that has the power and build quality of the real thing.

  • High 420 fpsnFull metal and wood constructionnShoots dual BB’s at oncenGreen gas powerednWeight close to the real thing
  • The price may put some people off


CYMA M3 airsoft shotgun

Now this is a design that will shriek fear in your opposing team.

The M3 is a design that resembles something more along the lines of the terminator, with its beefy pump action shell ejecting design, all the way down to its matte black finish.

This houses a triple pump action firing system that will shoot 3 BB’s with the single pull of a trigger, meaning your opponents aren’t going to get out of this one easy, so they better have their body protection on.

The triple shot design makes it so you can spray the other team with pellets from a greater distance, but while still covering an area that will be hard for them to escape from.

The velocity on the M3 is around 280- 306 fps.

While not one of the most powerful out there, the triple shot makes this a worth while purchase, and the accessories that can be added is a big selling point.

It comes with a built in hop up system, ensuring you have a straighter shot and can be customized with endless scopes and sights due to the built in railing on the top of the weapon.

The matte black coating not only looks hardcore, but it feels great on the plastic and metal, giving it a much more realistic feel than some of the other products out there.

The pump action is also so smooth, there is no jamming, no awkward movements, nothing, just a smooth back and forth and the BB’s are ready to be fired.

This is a great option for the more experienced players looking for something a little more realistic and for people wanting a triple shot system.

I would say that this is one of the best buys on the market today if you need a bit more grunt in an airsoft revolver.

  • Beautiful matte black finishnTriple shot firing nUp to 306 fps nTons of accessories like scopes can be addednBuilt in hop up
  • Would be good if it held more shells

Final Thoughts

While there are a large range of airsoft shotguns out there, we believe these ones to be the best of the best and some of the highest quality options.

We have tested and tried these and have had no real issues with any of them, meaning you shouldn’t either.

Using this type of gun during a match is a little different than using a pistol or rifle. While those weapons that be used in a stealth type way, crouching behind a bush, aiming carefully, the shotgun is more of a run and fire type weapon.

This means that you need to choose one that has a solid build quality, at least a dual firing setup and one that can store shells and is very easy to reload, and you are going to be doing a lot of it.

We hope this list was helpful and you find the exact airsoft shotgun you are looking for, happy playing.

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