What Is An Airsoft Gun?

airsoft handgun

These guns fire small bb’s that move at speeds that are considerably slower then what a bullet would travel out of a real gun.

Essentially airsoft guns are replica pistols, rifles and aeg’s that look like the real thing, and can be made form metals or plastic, but instead of shooting bullets, they shoot plastic BB’S / pellets

If they hit a person it will be painful and sting but it doesn’t kill.

It would be extremely unusual if it caused any type of significant bleeding or major injuries.

Despite these facts, it is still highly recommended that someone wears safety gear when this type of gun will be fired at them.

This type of gun is made to look just like a real one. In some cases, they are made so much in the likeness of real guns that they can fool others.

two airsoft pistols

They may have even been made out of the same material and designed to weigh exactly the same as the real thing.

If you are shot with one of these weapons you may welt up.

It is extremely important that protective eyewear is worn because although it’s unlikely to cause major injuries elsewhere on the body, it could potentially damage an eye if shot directly.

Facts Everyone Should Know About An Airsoft Gun

Although it is often thought that paintball is older than Airsoft, it’s actually the other way around.

The first airsoft gun was made in Japan by a Japanese man.

He invented it a good 8 years before paintball was available.

The first air gun used a compressed air cylinder connected by a hose to the gun.

They were mostly used for playing war in the woods and some would use it for target shooting.

Non-Lethal Low-Velocity Guns

Airsoft guns are able to achieve the purpose of their design because they use either 8mm or 6mm plastic BBs.

They are extremely light and the gun is designed to fire the BBs at very low velocities.

Children often enjoy the idea of playing soldier as do many teenagers and adults.

As long as they wear appropriate protective gear this is a fun and reasonably safe way to play war.

gas powered airsoft pistol

It’s important that these guns not be compared to some other BB guns like the Daisy.

If the Daisy is used at close enough range under some circumstances it can cause serious injury and in rare situations can be lethal.

The Daisy BB gun and an airsoft gun are very different.

An Airsoft Gun Is Deliberately Designed To Look Like A Real Gun

The average user enjoys the idea of having and using a gun.

Many of them will imagine having an AK-47, an M16, or an MP5.

Being able to do many of the same or similar things you can with one of those real guns is something that owners of the airsoft guns enjoy.

This is one of the primary reasons that this sport has become so popular.

The makers Heckler & Koch produce guns fashioned after what the US special forces units use in real-world situations.

aeg on ground

The airsoft versions of these weapons perform flawlessly.

In fact, they look and work with such realism that some countries have banned their use.

As a matter of fact, the very country where this type of gun was first created, which is Japan, has banned the use of these weapons.

The airsoft guns can be purchased as a rifle, handgun, or even as sniper rifles.

Three Types Of Airsoft Guns Are Available


With this airsoft gun, you cock the spring and fire.

This can be repeated again and again.

These are considered semi-automatics because they have a magazine with multiple bullets but each shot requires hand cocking the gun each time.

This type of Airsoft gun is very sturdy. It’s fairly cheap in price and is often considered to be the best type for a beginner to start with.

Automatic Electric Guns Also Called AEG’s

AEG’s are considered to be the most popular among the different types of airsoft guns.

They are also the most expensive of the three types available.

The company who was the original maker of these guns in Japan is still considered to be the best manufacturer of these types of weapons.

The gun functions very efficiently and is considered to be an automatic.

In fact, some can fire up to 900 rounds per minute.

Gas Powered

Of the three types, this is the second most popular after the AEG.

It is recommended not to get this type until you’re at least an intermediate user.

They are not as expensive as the AEG’s but they have features that make them more popular than the spring powered versions.

long shot of aeg on ground

A type of gas such as CO2 or Green Gas is used the create compressed air that propels the BBs when fired.

These airsoft guns are semi-automatic and are considered to be easy to reload.

What Type Of Safety Concerns Should You Be Aware Of?

Everyone, and especially parents, need to be aware of certain safety concerns when using these guns.

If children are going to be using them and playing army or war in the woods then they should be wearing protective clothing and the most important thing is protective eyewear.

Even though most parents will make sure their child is wearing protective eyewear they may overlook some of the other areas that should be protected.

Although the BBs will not cause any major injuries or bleeding they can hit the skin hard enough to not only sting but to leave red spots that last for hours.

One of the ways to reduce this problem is by wearing pants such as blue jeans, long sleeve shirts, and even protective gloves.

Safety Gear Is A Must Have When Playing

A pair of leather gloves will do a great job of protecting the hands.

If your child isn’t wearing these things then their skin could blister and in some cases, it might bleed.

This is especially true when they are shot from very close range just like you would in a game of paintball.

Another fact of safety when using this is to teach your children that they need to be at least 10 to 20 feet away from the person they’re firing at.

This is a safe enough distance to greatly reduce any possibilities of hurting the other person.

If the BBs being used are more than .20 grams then they should usually be shot no closer than a hundred feet from the person being shot at.

airsoft goggles

It is important to note that these are the strictest of guidelines for safety.

Young adults regularly engage in battle with short sleeve shirts and short pants with no problems.

Even they should absolutely wear safety eye wear as that is the one part of the body that can be seriously injured if not protected.

airsoft mask

But as for the rest, it is just something that is recommended particularly for children but also for teenagers and adults if they want to be as safe as possible.

As well, an accident could happen and someone could misfire or shoot in the wrong direction and for that reason, protective eyewear and a helmet should always be worn when using an airsoft gun.

Be Aware Of The Laws In Your State When Using Airsoft Guns

When you’re purchasing one of these guns for your own use or for the use of your child you will want to know what the particular laws are in your city and state.

As an example, one state requires that only a parent of a child can give that child one of these types of guns.

This means that uncles and grandparents or cousins would be breaking the law if they gave a child one of these guns.

In heavily populated cities and towns, there may be specific laws and regulations that determine where and if one of these guns can be fired.

This is for the protection of others.

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