What Is An Airsoft Patch?

team airsoft patches

Oftentimes, airsoft is compared to the other team shooting sport— paintball.

The only real shared concept between the two sports is the necessity for teamwork and a type of gun.

Unlike paintball, airsoft takes a military approach to competition and the opponents wear tactical gear.

Much like with the military, patches are used symbolically to represent teamwork, accomplishments or even, personal beliefs.

For this reason, you will discover that there are thousands of patches you can select from online that range from military replica logos to funny cartoon concepts.

How Airsoft Patches Work

As a team, you will generally want to agree on a camouflage uniform along with helmets and accessories.

Most commonly, you will find that airsoft patches are the perfect way to accessorize helmets, pant pockets, tactical vests, and breast pockets to show the team you’re on.

In order to create a design that doesn’t interfere with game-play, the patches feature a hook backing that’s sure to stay stuck to the correct location

(through the use of loop material) during times of quick movement.

Airsoft Patch Construction

A patch will generally feature a colorful and easily recognizable graphic that you as a team agree represents your personalities and what you’re all about.

The construction of the patches may be different depending on the manufacturer.

pile of patches

However, almost all patches have certain construction characteristics in common:

The hook backing is a must.

It’s the only proper way to adhere the patches safely to any surface without fear of the patches falling off— only requiring the use of adhesive loop material.

The patches feature a raised design that’s embroidered heavily with quality threads and vibrant colors.

In some instances, the material may be naturally raised as it’s PVC.

The actual patches may be from a few different materials.

PVC is a popular option as it lends itself to a 3D design that’s easy to spot from a longer distance and is easily maintained by wiping off dirt and grime.

They can also be easily applied to other safety gear such as helmets and boots

Nylon patches are probably the most common as they feature a heavily embroidered design that’s able to accommodate more details as opposed to a rather simplistic raised design of PVC patches.

Popular Patch Designs To Choose From

You will notice that airsoft as a sport does tend to borrow certain aspects from the military and even the specific weapons they use.

Ranging from the replicated uniforms to the tactical accessories, you will find a number of patches in design that reflect a military outlook.

patch on shoulder

For example, a number of patches feature country flags as worn on the sleeves by the US military along with symbolic aspects of the military such as guns and skulls.

Some teams may take a less serious outlook on the sport.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find anime characters along with cartoons such as gnomes, foxes or even cats.

anime airsoft patch

More often than not, these characters will feature prominently holding an airsoft gun or wearing military gear to give them a tougher approach.

Airsoft is a team shooting sport and the right patches not only demonstrate that you’re a team, but they add personality and boost morale.

Much like you would see with the military, patches represent milestones, personal beliefs, and your ability to work together as a team.

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