What Accessories You’ll Need In Your Airsoft Tactical Vest Loadout

tactical loadout

For decades one of the favorite sports of the type “A” crowd has been paintball where you aggressively hunt down members of an opposing team and eliminate them.

Now, a similar game called airsoft is proving to be more popular, using guns that are like BB guns, but shoot small plastic balls instead of hard metal BBs.

As the game grew in popularity the guns became more accurate, better looking, and a lot more sophisticated with scopes, laser sights, and other amenities.

Gear and accessories are key to a victorious win, and in this article are going to take you through step by step on the best accessories you will need and how to build up the ultimate tactical vest load out.

There are impression loadouts and competitive loadouts for the basic styles.

Must Have Equipment For Your Airsoft Battles

First off, you’ll need protection for your eyes, ears, and face.

That makes the airsoft gun far less lethal, but eye protection and head gear are required in any legally sanctioned match or airsoft tactical war games field of play.

They make high quality face masks and eye goggles that won’t impair your vision or your ability to breathe while competing.

Read the online reviews before you buy the face mask because you’ll want comfort, effectiveness, and ability to breathe heavily.

Check with friends to see what they recommend as well, having bad equipment can result in failure to be able to see or cause you to overheat in the middle of an important battle.

Your Main Weapon Is The Most Important

Keep in mind all of the same reasons why the US military in various wars used different weapons while on patrols.

Longer weapons are more accurate at longer distances, scopes and laser sights are real cool looking too.

automatic airsoft machine gun

However, in a short range firefight where the combatants are all inside a building will require an easily aimed, short barrel weapon instead.

Most players carry at least two weapons for that reason.

Your main weapon is usually a longer, rifle-type assault weapon.

Then your secondary is most likely going to be a semi-automatic pistol with quick change ammo magazines.


Most experts agree that you’ll use at least 50% more ammo than you think you will, so bring extra magazines, ammo, and a quick loader.

And, if your weapon uses batteries, CO2, or other methods of charging, make sure you have those on hand and easily accessible.

Having the right protective clothing is also a must, the airsoft pellets hurt, but won’t enter your skin. Still, long sleeve shirts, pants, boots, gloves, and a helmet or head cover will keep you protected.

For hard core competition you’ll want performance instead.

Everything from your weapon, accessories, clothing, and other gear is called your loadout.

Be safe, get the right safety gear, then study what accessories the winners are using so you learn from every battle.

Choosing The Right Loadout Vest Is A Priority

It’s hard to realize the kind of stress and time pressure that you’ll be under in a real game.

You’ll need quick access to your sidearm for close-in combat at a second’s notice, so it will have to have a holster.

You can have that either on your hip or in your loadout vest.

tactical vest setup

You’ll also need to be able to grab a magazine of fresh ammo in the heat of competition without having to search for it.

You should practice grabbing them and inserting them with your eyes closed before you get into battle.

The tactical loadout vest you buy should have plenty of storage for extra magazines for both your main weapon and your sidearm.

The magazines should all be stored pointing the same direction so that you can grab any one of them and quickly insert it into your weapon without looking.

pellets pouch

A good airsoft loadout tactical vest should also have an option to add some type of water bottle or bag.

Most competitive airsoft players opt for the water bag with tube straw and valve since it can be used in battle without losing eye contact with the enemy.

Plus, the water bags are less bulky for the amount of water they carry.

Good Communication With Your Team Helps Too

Many teams add walkie-talkies to their team’s equipment and that can give them an advantage in battle.

They’ll be able to coordinate attacks, have spies deeply infiltrated, and be able to relay the information to the rest of their squad.

walkie talkie

If radios are part of the loadout, then your tactical vest should have a space for the radio where it is easy to hear and talk without removing it from the vest.

The other option is to have an ear piece with mic built-in that operates using Bluetooth technology for completely hands-free use.

When setting up your vest, keep in mind where the type of radio you’ve chosen will have to be located when you’re in combat.

Other vest accessories that you might need would be a flashlight, first-aid kit, night vision goggles, and other essentials.

Don’t overdo the Tactical Vest Load Out

A word of warning, however, is not to load yourself down with so much gear and weight that you can’t move with agility and speed.

Don’t carry things that you don’t need to unless you’re going for impression, rather than competition. You want to have enough to protect you from high powered shots from rifles and shotguns, but not so much that it slows you down, making you even more vulnerable.

airsoft player

Airsoft competition can be incredibly fun and it’s great exercise as well. but taking on unnecessary gear will slow your movements and aim.

The best solution to this is to have a look around and see what other players are wearing and holding to get an understanding of the perfect loadout.

Then make adjustments to your own accessories, weapons, and loadout vest to take your own readiness to the next level.

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